Sunday, April 03, 2005

These are days

Distance: 6 miles
Speed: 12 minutes/mile
Weight: 119 lbs.
Music: MTV Unplugged by 10,000 Maniacs

After a weekend of boozing with my visiting brothers, Louis and Lester, I thought for sure my Sunday run would be compromised. Instead, thanks to Chaser and lots of water, I was able to complete my longest run thus far. Hell yeah.

Since the weather was hella crappy, I ran at the gym. When I saw that my favorite treadmill was taken, I decided to try one of the treadmills on the other side. My gym has two kinds of treadmills: "big" ones and "small" ones. The one I usually use is a small one. The other kind have longer, higher running decks and far more complicated looking control panels. And they're huge. These monsters always intimidated me, but I discovered yesterday that they are about ten billion times better than the small ones. Much smoother with good shock absorption and conveniently placed cubbies for water bottles and CD players. The only downside is that the maximum time they allow you to program is 60 minutes, so if you're slooooow like me, you can't really run more than 5 miles without running through the cool down or resetting the machine. Lame.

The good news is that daylight savings time is here, so I see a lot more outdoor running in my future. Woot.

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Jen O. said...

You run for more than an hour at a time? On purpose? I don't understand.