Saturday, April 16, 2005

And Kimba runs over there

Distance: 5 miles
Speed: 10 minutes/mile
Weight: ?
Sounds: traffic and Kimba

My friend Susan has an arsenal of weird, wonderful stories, and since she sang in a women's a capella group in college, she occasionally bursts into song mid-story. A few of her favorites are "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" and some slow number by Carole King. Susan has given me a bad case of earworm on more than one occasion.

On one of our walks home from work, Susan told me about how she and her friends Ginny and Bill were trying to remember the theme song to Kimba the White Lion. Having no idea what she was talking about, I asked, "What the hell is Kimba the White Lion?" Susan grumbled something about it being before my time and informed me that Kimba was (are you ready for this?) a white lion. A cartoon white lion. Apparently, it was a big hit in the sixties.

Anyway, the point of Susan's story was that since she, Ginny, and Bill were unable to remember the real theme song to Kimba, they decided to come up with their own... to the tune of "Windy" by The Association. So while I ran my five miles on Kelly Drive today, here is what played OVER AND OVER in my head:

Who's running down the streets of the jungle
Growling at everybody he sees
Who's running down the streets of the jungle
Everyone knows it's Kimba

And Kimba has short, white hair
And Kimba runs over there
And Kimba does not use Nair®
On his short white hair (his short white hair)
On his short white hair (his short white hair)

Thanks, Susan.

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Xeb said...

Thanks! :)
I'm glad you found my blog, it's always nice to have another reader!
It's wierd how across the world humanity does speak one language. It's shitty what goes on time and time again. Shittier still that everyone just sits back, grabs some popcorn and prepares to watch the show.
Anyhow, welcome to my blog! I hope you'll come visit us again soon :P