Wednesday, May 11, 2005

So I lied.

Distance: 3.9 miles
Speed: 10 minutes/mile
Weight: 119 lbs.
Sounds: Disc 2 of Silberman's Best of 2004 compilation

Yeah, yeah, I know. The race is over, and I said I was going to discontinue this blog when it was. But hear me out, alright?

The Broad Street Run was amazing. I loved (just about) everything about it. Here's a quick recap:

Saturday, 4/31, 2 p.m.: Attended Health & Fitness Expo at Naval Yard; picked up race bib, timing chip, and goodie bag; purchased brown Coolmax® shirt for race

Saturday, 4/31, 6 p.m.: Had dinner with TT at Villa Di Roma; ate my weight in gnocchi

Saturday, 4/31, 10 p.m.: Drank a glass of wine to calm my nerves and promptly fell asleep (note: this NEVER happens. Usually, when I'm excited or nervous about something, I can't sleep at all the night before. Must have been the gnocchi.)

Sunday, 5/1, 5 a.m.: Woke up and had a lightly buttered (thanks, Tom!) whole wheat English muffin and a vitaminwater™

Sunday, 5/1, 6 a.m.: Applied BODYGLIDE® to my boobs and soles of my feet

Sunday, 5/1, 6:30 a.m.: Pinned my bib number onto my shirt; stuck myself with safety pin twice

Sunday, 5/1, 7:05 a.m.: Had our picture taken by a Philly Department of Recreation photographer (or so he said) while waiting for the Broad Street Line

Sunday, 5/1, 7:10 a.m.: Boarded the BSR; Realized EVERYONE (except for one poor guy who was obviously going to work) was wearing a race bib and sneakers

Sunday, 5/1, 7:20 a.m.: A billion runners got on the subway

Sunday, 5/1, 7:25 a.m.: The subway stopped for no apparent reason

Sunday, 5/1, 7:30 a.m.: The subway started again

Sunday, 5/1, 7:32 a.m.: A billion more runners got on the subway

Sunday, 5/1, 7:40 a.m.: More runners got on, and I lost sight of TT

Sunday, 5/1, 8:00 a.m.: After standing on the subway for almost an hour, we finally poured out into the Olney Station; I began to freak out at the number of people

Sunday, 5/1, 8:07 a.m.: Stood in line for one of the 100 Porta-Johns™ in the Central High School Athletic Field.

Sunday, 5/1, 8:13 a.m.: Saw Maggie & Shatt waiting in the next line

Sunday, 5/1, 8:17 a.m.: Walked into a Porta-John™ and saw an enormous turd on the seat; opted to wait for another Porta-John™

Sunday, 5/1, 8:23 a.m.: Headed towards the starting line and continued to freak out at the number of people

Sunday, 5/1, 8:27 a.m.: Tried to do a few quick stretches while waiting for the race to start; disappointed that I couldn't find any of my friends (except for TT)

Sunday, 5/1, 8:30 a.m.: The gun went off, but we didn't hear it, because we were so far back

Sunday, 5/1, 8:37 a.m.: We finally started moving S-L-O-W-L-Y

Sunday, 5/1, 8:40 a.m.: Squeezed TT's hand and told him I'd see him at the finish line

Sunday, 5/1, 9:35 a.m.: Passed my office building at Broad & Sansom where my wonderful, amazing coworkers were waiting to cheer us on; gave Julie a happy birthday shout-out

Sunday, 5/1, 9:36 a.m.: High-fived Rendell in front of the Bellevue; his was a little weak, but whatever

Sunday, 5/1, 10:01 a.m.: Hit mile 8, and realized I felt good; got annoyed that I didn't run faster from the start

Sunday, 5/1, 10:19 a.m.: Entered the Naval Yard and had a quarter mile to go; got SO FRIGGING EXCITED by the crowds and cheering that I ran as fast as I could to the finish line

Sunday, 5/1, 10:22 a.m.: Edged some poor woman out of the way to make sure the photographer could see me (he did)

Sunday, 5/1, 10:23 a.m.: Crossed the finish line and instantly felt like I had climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, cured cancer, and won an Oscar all at once

Sunday, 5/1, 10:27 a.m.: Found TT and hugged him so hard it hurt

There you have it. It was an amazing experience, so amazing actually that TT and I are planning to sign up for the Philly Distance Run in September. So though I won't technically be a broad on Broad, I will still be running. And occasionally, I'll be blogging, too.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Broad Street Run 10 Miler - 2005 Results

Total athletes: 12050 (Females: 5295 / Males: 6754)

Final time is when I actually crossed the finish line; chip time is the amount of time from when I hit the starting line to when I crossed the finish line. Since there are thousands of people running, if you aren't in the very front, it can take you several minutes after the gun goes off to get to the starting line. Hence, the chip time. AG refers to Age-Graded Results. I still don't understand what they are.