Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Stroll

Distance: 4 miles
Speed: 10.07 minutes/mile
Weight: 119
Sounds: Beautiful Girls Soundtrack

I've had a weird pain in my right foot since Sunday. It feels sort of like I bruised the ball of my foot. Is that even possible? I was able to finish the four miles today, but it hurt. My game plan is to take it easy until the race and hope the pain goes away. It works with breakups and hangovers, so why not foot pain?

Speaking of the race, it's this SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY. Here's a rundown of people I know (and like) who will be running it with me (or more likely, ahead of me):


Betsy & Geoff:



Jamie from the New Wave:

I couldn't find a picture of Jamie. Sorry. Anyway, if you're at the race Sunday and see any of these fools running, feel free to give them an encouraging slap on the ass.

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