Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Push it. Push it good.

Distance: 4.4 miles
Speed: 10 minutes/mile
Weight: ?
Music: Jen & Jen

I arrived on time (thanks to Todd's driving) at the Art Museum for my second run with Philly Runners. M_______ was nowhere in sight, nor were some of the other slower runners I had seen last Tuesday. In spite of his jovial, "Welcome back, Theresa," I could see a mild look of concern cross Seth's face as he tried to figure out where to put me. After waiting a few minutes to see if any other slowpokes would show up, he introduced me to Jen & Jen.

Brunette Jen hoped to run at a 9-minute pace, while Blonde Jen was shooting more for 10 minutes/mile. Blonde said I was the tiebreaker. Yay. Since in the past two months I've only been able to run a 10-minute mile for about a mile at a time, I decided I'd start out with them and then let them outpace me once I got tired.

I got tired pretty quickly, but the Jens were really friendly, and the conversation helped keep me going. Both of them have run marathons, and Brunette is actually in training for the New York Marathon. I felt pretty silly running with two marathoners, but whenever I told them to run ahead, they would encourage me to try to make it to the next bend, lightpost, or mile marker. In the end, Brunette ran ahead for the last quarter mile, but Blonde stayed with me, and we finished together in about 45 minutes. I was exhausted but so elated that I didn't care.

My primary goal throughout my training has been to complete the BSR without walking. In the back of my mind, though, I've been hoping to increase my speed in the process. Looks like Jens are the answer.

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patrice said...

there are alot of good jens in the world.

and some bad ones.