Friday, April 08, 2005

I used to love unicorns, too.

I bought new running shoes today. My old ones were more like cross trainers, and after a few miles, my right foot would start to get tingly. So I headed to Philadelphia Runner at 16th & Sansom to find a pair of shoes to take me through the next three weeks of training and the BSR.

The scoop with PR is that the salespeople are all runners. The guy who helped me had me take my shoes off and walk around in my socks to determine my foot mechanics (wouldn't that be a podiatrist? Get it? Foot mechanic? Ha!). Apparently, most people pronate, and specific shoes are designed to help stabilize their feet. Turns out that like 10% of the population, I supinate slightly. Which means I need "neutral cushioning" shoes. Whatever.

He had me try on about six different brands, and I found the Asics to be the most comfortable. Unfortunately, I discovered that whoever is designing running shoes decided that women want bright white sneakers with plenty of metallic accents and secondary colors like pink, purple, and aqua. Basically, shoes I would have LOVED when I was ten. I stared longingly at the male versions of the shoes, which came in great color combos like grey and orange or navy and kelly green. Sadly, they don't make men's shoes in a women's size 6, so I'm SOL.

Which brings me to my shoes. I settled on the Asics Gel-Cumulus VI. They are comfortable. They are reasonably priced. And they are ugly as sin. Just the fact that one of the colors is called "grape mist" makes me want to set them on fire. It sounds like a sorbet flavor.


patrice said...

I think they make "grape mist" spritz-on body the makers of love's baby soft. which I guess would be "love's". either way, it makes a great flavor of bubble yum.

NME said...

I'm picturing you walking around the store in your socks with some strange man staring intently at your feet. For some reason I find this hysterical. I had NO idea buying running shoes was so complicated. You supinater, you!