Friday, April 15, 2005

Don't pretend you haven't noticed.

I was reading back through some of my posts yesterday, and I realized how lame they've become. Don't feel bad for agreeing. It's true.

I think part of it is that the subject matter is a little limiting. Unlike bloggers writing about motherhood, singlehood, or fughood, I've only got so much material to work with, and even I'm getting bored with it.

I'm so glad I created this blog. It helped me stay committed to training for Broad Street, and the encouraging comments from the 6 of you who read it always make my day. But I feel like it's almost run (ha!) its course, so I've decided that effective May 2, this broad on Broad will end her broadband run.

I may start up a new blog after the race; if the 6 of you have any topic suggestions, comment away. Thanks.


NME said...

I have liked reading about your running and your progress. But I'm sure I will like reading your new blog too. Just don't be gone for too long.

patrice said...

blog ideas:

1. what it's like to be a REAL redhead.

2. how supiners are better than pronators.

3. terry's law.

4. why everything sucks all the time.

5. how great patrice is.

let me know if you need more suggestions.

Jen O. said...

How about you just write about you?