Tuesday, March 15, 2005

We are all all we've done.

Distance: 4 miles
Speed: 11.30 minutes/mile
Weight: 119
Music: Analphabetapolothology by Cap'n Jazz

Awwwwwwwwww kitty kitty. Today was my second 4-mile run this week, and I was a little apprehensive about it. To my surprise, it went super smoothly (smoovly?). In fact, it went so smoothly that I had enough energy to do sprint work for the last 3 minutes. That makes me feel a little less freaked out about having to run 5 miles on Sunday. My pal Hal says I can do it, so I guess I can.

Which brings me to my biggest revelation about running thus far: anyone (barring a serious physical ailment) can do it. It's true. I am so not a runner. At just over 5' with short legs and a love of cheese and beer, I'm not even built for running. But all of those hokey inspirational sayings you saw on middle school bulletin board posters are true, at least as far as running is concerned. It really does come down to making your brain make your legs move even when your brain thinks your lungs are going to explode. I mean if Niki and Patrice's bodies are capable of giving birth, mine should at least be able to run a measly 10 miles, right?

Our hot water has returned. I will never ever take a hot shower for granted again.


patrice said...

I think I'd gladly give birth over and over to avoid having to ever, ever, ever ever ever run. just reading about you running makes me get a side sticker. it makes me pant. it makes my legs burn. it makes my eyes sweat.

that said, it sounds like it might be a good goal for me - to actually run. like, a block or something.

and then I'm like, I'll just watch theresa do it instead.

NME said...

I'm with Patrice on that one. Plus, busty women should not run. I actually had a running with big breasts related injury. In high school I babysat the kids who lived down the driveway from me. I woke up late one morning to report for duty. When I dressed in a rush I put on a bra that wasn't at the apex of supportiveness. And then I started to run downhill to their place. My girls were not happy and they proceeded to make a break for it. In order to wrangle them in I put my arms around them - with my elbows under my breasts and my hands holding onto my neck. And in the short sprint I pulled a dozen muscles in my neck. True story. Too embarassing to not be true.
So you can do the running for all of us.

Jen O. said...

No running for me, please! Not now, not then, not ever. The boobs thing is true, I concur with Nicole.

I am glad you're doing it and it's wonderful that you are, but give yourself some credit: It's not easy, you're working at it, and you are attaining a goal that not everyone can attain. Saying "anyone can do it" is shirking the credit you deserve.