Thursday, March 17, 2005

Gravity rides everything.

Distance: 3 miles
Speed: 10.48 minutes/mile
Weight: 119
Music: The Moon & Antarctica by Modest Mouse

Our wedding vows didn't include the "honor and obey" part, but maybe they should have had something in there saying, "Listen to your husband's advice once in a while. He's sometimes right."

On the Higdon plan, Thursday's run is always 3 miles. Since it's a shorter run (compared to 4 miles, anyway), I thought I'd be able to pick up the pace a bit. Todd warned me not to try to increase my speed too quickly. I didn't listen and decided there was no reason I couldn't bump my speed from 5.5 mph (my average 3 mile speed) to 6.0 mph. No big, right?

Wrong. After barely making it through the first mile at 6.0 mph, I had to decrease my speed to 5.7 and then eventually to 5.5. Turns out Todd isn't just another pretty face.

Happy St. Patrick's day, you drunken fools.


jon said...

look at todd! he’s a big wet mint!

Jen O. said...

Todd was right? Weird.