Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I hate Blogger.

I wrote a nice, long post about my first run in a week, complete with dramatic stories about potential abductions and flowery descriptions of the Philly skyline at night, but the always craptastic Blogger deleted it when I tried to publish it.

I can't bring myself to retype it. Sorry.


Jen O. said...

After being scored by Blogger many times, I have since learned to copy my posts and paste into a Word doc before clicking "create post." Blogger blows. A necessary evil at this point, I guess.

patrice said...

I only had this problem once, and that was right after I read your post. so THANKS.

seriously, though, this has happened to me in the past with goddamn yahoo mail. and I too did the paste-into-word trick. or just wrote the damn thing in word to begin with.