Monday, February 28, 2005


Distance: 0 miles
Speed: N/A
Weight: ?
Music: WRCT, circular saw, hammer, and sand paper

Yesterday was my first time missing my scheduled run. I made it a whole week. Damn.

We're installing new flooring on the second floor, and what we thought would take a few hours took the better part of the day. I also had the joy of discovering that my 28-year old knees don't adjust to squatting, kneeling, and crawling around on the floor the way they did when I was a little shaver. And while I absolutely refuse to diet while training, I have to admit I feel a little gross about the mass quantities of cheese, taco dip, and stuffed mushrooms I consumed at Susan's Oscar party last night. Erg.

The good news is that my first slip-up hasn't sent me into a downward spiral. In fact, I'm really looking forward to my run on Tuesday. Probably because it isn't Tuesday.

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Jen O. said...

"Mass quantities" is a bit of hyperbole, no? I was there, I saw! You have nothing to feel bad about. Plus, re-flooring is itself exercise.