Thursday, February 24, 2005

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Distance: 3 miles
Speed: 11.56 minutes/mile
Weight: 120 lbs.
Music: Acrobatic Tenement by At the Drive-in

... but the gym is so delightful. If you've never been to Sweat in Queen Village, there are giant windows in the front of the cardio room that overlook Passyunk Ave., and it was actually a lot of fun to watch the snow while running. Plus I managed to snag my favorite treadmill for the third time straight. The running gods must be on my side.


1. I'm not sure how I managed to improve my speed from my last 3 mile run, but I'll take it. I'd like to be able to run the BSR at somewhere between a 10 and 11 minute mile, but I'll settle for finishing it upright.

2. No side stitches today, due (I think) to my improved breathing technique. Basically, I forced myself to breathe the same way I do when I sing, taking really deep breaths then releasing them as slowly as possible. I guess jocks and choir geeks have more in common than they think.

3. There was a man running on the treadmill in front of me that completely freaked me out. If you're running on a treadmill and you misstep and hit the stationary part, it creates this terrible squeak. This guy misstepped a lot, and every time his treadmill squeaked, I thought it was mine and would get all flustered. In addition to his squeaking, about 15 minutes into his run, he began to emit these low groans. The groaning (and squeaking) got progressively louder, until he finally jumped off the treadmill and sat down on the edge of it. Then he got up, checked himself out in the mirror, and walked away. The treadmill was still running. WTF?

Have a great weekend.

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