Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tread softly and carry a big bottle of water

Distance: 2 miles
Speed: 11.34 minutes/mile
Weight: 120 lbs.
Music: Disc 1 of Silberman's Best of 2004 compilation

Following Hal Higdon's 10 mile (15K) training program, I ran 2 miles today, which felt like a breeze after Sunday's 3. I was able to increase my speed to a slightly more respectable pace, though I'm not sure I could have kept it up for another mile. I guess that's why it's called training.


1. As I have been warned by many a runner, I was far more sore two days after Sunday's run than I was the day after it. This particularly sucks when you're on a training program that requires you to run every other day. On the bright side, while my aching body was loathe to get started on today's run, my soreness subsided quite a bit by the time I was done. I'm sure I'll feel like crap tomorrow, though.

2. I haven't figured out the water thing yet. I know I need to drink a lot of water while training, but I don't know when to drink it. If I drink a bunch of water before I start, I know I'll have to pee by mile 2. If I drink while running, I get side stitches. If I don't drink at all until after my run, my face get even redder and hotter than usual, and people assume I need medical attention. Any suggestions?

3. Matt Silberman is a compilation genius.

It's back to 3 miles on Thursday. Woot.

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